6061 Aluminum is widely used when CNC machining, either milling or turning is processing products.
There are many reasons why 6061 aluminum alloy is popular while manufacturing.



6061 Aluminum is enhanced alloy through thermal treatment. The features of 6061 Aluminum include good formability, weldability, great machine processing performance, and medium intensity.

The main chemical compositions of 6061 aluminum alloy are

magnesium and silicon, and they form a MG2Si phase.


When it contains a certain amount of manganese and chromium, it can neutralize the bad effect of iron; sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc is added to increase the strength of the alloy without reducing its corrosion resistance. In order to resist the adverse effects of titanium and iron on the conductivity, copper is added; titanium can refine the grain and control the crystalline tissue. Lead is added in order to improve the cutting and machining performance.


Features of magnesium aluminum 6061

Magnesium aluminum 6061-T651 is the main alloy of 6 series alloys. It is a high-quality aluminum alloy product for pre-stretching process through heat treatment; magnesium aluminum 6061 has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and no deformation after processing. The color of the upper color and excellent oxidation effect is also a great feature.


Main application of 6061 Aluminum:

6061 Aluminum is widely used in various industrial structures with high strength and high corrosion, such as making trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, railway vehicles and sport products.


The typical use of 6061 aluminum including aerospace fixed devices, electrical fixed devices, and communication areas. Other industries liked

automated mechanical parts, precision processing, mold manufacturing, electronics and precision instruments, sport instrument, musical instrument, medical devices, PC board welded vehicles, and so on.