Electronic Lathe Machine Parts—CNC High Precise Lathe Parts


The Advantages of High Precise CNC Lathe Machining

There are several advantages of using CNC lathe machines to manufacture electronic parts:

  1. Precision: CNC lathe machines are capable of producing parts with high precision and accuracy, which is critical for electronic parts that require precise dimensions and tolerances.
  2. Repetitive Accuracy: CNC lathe machines can produce identical parts consistently and accurately, making it easier to manufacture electronic parts in large quantities.

3.Flexibility: CNC lathe machines can be programmed to produce a wide variety of electronic parts, including those with complex shapes and features, making them a versatile option for manufacturers.

4.Efficiency: CNC lathe machines can work continuously for extended periods, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This means that manufacturers can produce more electronic parts in a shorter amount of time.

5.Cost-effective: CNC lathe machines can produce electronic parts at a lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods, such as manual machining. This is because CNC machines can produce parts with less waste, reduced labor costs, and lower tooling costs.

We specialize in producing custom CNC machined parts for small tools such as spray guns, air drills, screwdrivers, staplers, and nailers. Our machining processes have the ability to achieve tight tolerances of at least 0.005 mm. We use a variety of materials, including aluminum alloys (AL6061-T6, AL7075-T6), steel alloys (SCM 415, SCM440), and other materials such as POM, SUS303, SUS304, and SUS630.



We offer a high precision CNC machining service, ensuring that your parts are manufactured to precise specifications.

We are ISO 9001 certified, meaning we adhere to international quality management standards.

We can create precision machining parts based on your designs, ensuring that they meet your exact specifications.

Our company has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We are able to offer short lead times and fast delivery, ensuring that you receive your parts quickly.

We offer 5-axis milling machining and Swiss lathe machining to meet a variety of machining needs.

Small orders are acceptable, allowing us to serve both large and small customers.