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You Want To Work With An Expert Team

We are a professional CNC manufacturing coordinate company with 12 years’ experiences.
Our team has more than 30 professional and experienced engineers and mechanists.
Our shops include both CNC milling and lathe machining in Taiwan.
More than 50% of the machine shops were founded for more than 20 years.
And the coordinate shops including polishing, bead blasting, anodize, heat treatment, honing, broaching, engraving, die casting, mold injection and EDM.

Taiwan Top Grade CNC Machining

Our CNC machining facilities are as follows:
100+ CNC milling machines
25 CNC five-axis milling machines
100+ CNC lathe machines
20 CNC Swiss lathe machines


Our CNC Machining Services Includes:

CNC milling machining service
CNC lathe machining service
CNC prototype service
Low volume production service


Minimize Your Cost and Accelerate Launching Is Our Goal

You can consult with our engineer team for a better manufacturing design to minimize cost and save time.
For more details, please check DFM for CNC machining.
One-Stop service is one of the matters that you concern.
You would want to concentrate on product design and marketing plan, while we take care of the completing of manufacturing process according to your plan.

Why Work With Us?

Taiwan Is Intellectual Property Friendly , Great Service, Great Results

Quality Control

We have implemented strict quality control measures at three stages of the manufacturing process. We conduct thorough raw material inspections, process inspections, and final inspections.

Taiwan Is Intellectual Property Friendly

We firmly protect all customers’confidential information, including manufacturing know-how, practice methods, skills, technical information relating to the methods of manufacturing, batch records, quality control data, specification, standard operating procedures and any and all activities associated with customer’s manufacturing.

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