The Advantages of Swiss Lathe Machining

Many industries pay more attention to Swiss Lathe machining for many reasons,
while medical and electronics companies have used Swiss Lathe for its quick lead time and precise result.


Comparing to a traditional lathe machining,
a Swiss Late rotates the workpiece and slides it laterally along the Z-axis through a guide bushing.

As many as 28 tools are mounted on the machining at one time, it can provide single-process machining.
The tools are a quarter inch from the guide bushing, the advantages of this are,

  1. A very stable holding system
  2. Minimize vibration
  3. Minimize the surface chatter
  4. Very tight tolerance

The Applications for Swiss Lathe Machining

Swiss Lathe machining are originally used in the watch industry.
Nowadays, it applied to many different industries like medical, electronics, defense and so on.
Many aerospace parts rely on Swiss Lathe machining for its precise ability.
Different industries products manufactured by Swiss Lathe Machining include,

Miniature electronic

Precise watch parts

Musical instruments

dental implants

High-quality surgical instruments


When the parts are small and complex, Swiss Lathe can use small bar stock, which reduces material waste and reduces time and cost. Because of its minimized vibration, it can produce satisfied results for parts that are long, small and precise.