Paintball Barrel Machining and Accuracy

For those looking for an edge in the paintball game, one of the biggest factors for accuracy is the barrel. If you have an incorrectly machined paintball barrel, then it could have a negative effect on your accuracy. To avoid this, expertly machining your paintball barrel is crucial to ensure that each shot is as accurate as possible.

Paintball barrel machining is a precision procedure designed to optimize the performance of your paintball equipment. Machining determines the length, bore size, and material used in the construction of any paintball barrel as well as polishing for smoother shots. The optimal process for each individual’s preferences can involve more or less range and accuracy as well as improved airflow, quieter shots, and ultimately better performance.

All You Need to Know About Accuracy and Range for Paintball Barrels

The Length of Paintball Barrels

Selecting the perfect paintball barrel for your gun is no easy task. While you can go as large as 18 inches, larger barrels make it more difficult to quickly maneuver. Consider buying a barrel with holes; these act as air-controls, improving precision and accuracy. Machining paintball barrels requires considered selection in order to gain the most reliable performance for the best value.

Longer barrels, in particular, have the potential to improve your accuracy due to their stabilization of the paintball at firing. However, this must be balanced against extra weight and other inconveniences such as reloading that may come with it.

The Weight of Paintball Barrels

For paintball players who want the best of both worlds – light and sturdy barrels – the Null barrel is one of the top contenders. This straight-bore carbon fiber barrel comes in 12″ and 14″ sizes, weighing only 45g and 50g respectively. It’s ready to use with no additional parts needed, thanks to its unique three-layer construction. The outer layers feature unidirectional fibers laid up in a multi-vector pattern coupled with 2×2 satin twill unidirectional fiber material, while the slickest layer on the inside features a smooth “Silk Fiber” technology that can be swabbed safely.

The Finish of Paintball Barrels

The 14” paintball barrel from Tippmann Sports is perfect for gamers who prefer the sniper playstyle. Not only is it polish inside and out, but it’s also micro-honed with abrasive papers to give you more accuracy in your shots. Plus, the spring-loaded design helps to clear out any debris in the back of the barrel and make sure that you get more efficient shots every time.

The Advantage of Spiral Porting Style

The machining of the spiral porting on Empire Paintball Driver 2PC 14” paintball barrel has many advantages. It ensures increased accuracy, and is available in sizes 693, 683, and 678 for compatible pipe barrel backs. This product also features a standard bore size of .688; making it light yet strong. With its modular design, this spiral ported barrel provides improved ball consistency for ultimate performance.