There’s a moving headstock in the turning center of a Swiss lathe machining.

The part is clamped onto the collet on the headstock and through a guide bushing it move towards the tooling area. The headstock moves along z-axis with a bar that is radially and precisely located. Turning tools are always contact the material very closely.


What are the features of CNC Swiss Lathe Machining

  1. CNC Swiss lathe can make parts as small as 0.045” (1.1mm)
  2. CNC Swiss Lathe can manufacture large quantities of tiny and complex parts with tight tolerance.
  3. The production equipment can quickly be set up and deliver repeatable quality parts.
  4. Parts that needed to be turned, but still needed to be milled, Swiss Lathe machining is a perfect option.
  5. Swiss Lathe machining can work with wide variety of materials like stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminum, brass and all different type of thermoplastics ( PEEK, Delrin, Acetal, ABS.


When do you need CNC Swiss Machining?

  1. When your parts need extremely straightness and tight tolerance.
  2. When the part finish is highly required.
  3. When the order quantity is over 1000 or more. The costs drop further at high volume.
  4. When the part finish is highly required.
  5. When your turn parts need to be milled.
  6. CNC Swiss Lathe machining combine both speed and accuracy of manufacturing, it can provide short lead time for complex and precise parts.

When your part is small and with complex geometry, CNC Lathe machining can provide with satisfied result.