Not like traditional lathe machining,
CNC Lathe machining incorporates computer numerical control into the system of lathe machining. This makes it easier to set up machine and make it work,
allowing stability and repeatability during the machining process.



A turning machine cuts material by using a lathe machine.
CNC lathe machining can use new computerize processing and modern tooling.
CAD or CAM programing is a normal way to guide the machines tool path. By doing this,
the operators can easily oversee the process without having the knowledge of programing.


The Types of Lathe Machines

Two main types of lathe machines are: horizontal lathe and vertical type lathe machines.


CNC horizon lathe

This is most commonly used in the manufacturing. Machine rotates the material in a cylindrical way. When rotating, the machine works on the material for the designed shape through the tools. It leaves a large footprint on the surface. This type of lathe is not ideal for hard metal.


CNC vertical lathe

The vertical lathe rotates the material in a vertical position. This gives the spindle able to reach different angles and position, because of the gravity, the workpiece is much more stable than the horizon lathe. This makes the top-notch cutting and spindle movement better results.


Operations of CNC Lathe Machining

The unique operations are:



Parallel turning

Taper turning