CNC vs CNC Swiss Lathe Machining

Both conventional CNC Lathe and CNC Swiss Lathe have their advantages and applications. Choosing which machining depends on what type of jobs you are trying to manufacture.

CNC Swiss Lathe

a Swiss Late rotates the workpiece and slides it laterally along the Z-axis through a guide bushing. As many as 28 tools are mounted on the machining at one time, it can provide single-process machining. CNC Swiss Lathe Machining offers an effective way to produce parts for precise industries products such as small pins and tiny parts.

The tolerance of the part can be as small as 0.0005”. It is also effective for long and slender turned parts.

Features of CNC Swiss Lathe

With automatic bar loader, 15-20 bars can be placed and fed through the machine

There are many tools and multiple axes that can be used to complete the processing

The processing includes, drilling, turning, milling, boring, knurling, and special processes.

Both small volume to high volume production can be done in short lead time.

Swiss Lathe machining is ideal for long and small diameter parts.


Conventional CNC Lathe Machining

The motion of a conventional CNC Lathe machining is controlled by at least two axes,

X and Y, and a tool spindle the moves in the Z. The position of the tool is driven by motors through step-down gears. Close-loop controls are standard and required in order to provide the speed, accuracy and repeatability.


The features of CNC conventional Lathe

CNC conventional Lathe is ideal for after forgings, castings, plates machining or for block of steel.

Fixtures can hold many parts from one to forty.

The tool changers in the machine can store multiple tools. The machine picks one tool for the operation, putting it back and picks the next tool, repeating the process until the product is completed.

It is good for higher production. Special fixturing and palletizing are needed for producing high volume.


Parts that are done by CNC conventional Lathe

Casting parts

Automotive parts

Parts with a diameter lager than 1.5”

Fluid controls parts