The Benefits of 5-Axis Machining

A 5-axis milling machining allow one single set up to fabricate up to five sides of a part. This makes processing very efficient and precise, preforming complex structures and geometry with few setups.

Here are the main benefits of 5 axis machining:


Less Set-up Time

Five-axis machining can reduce set-ups which eventually shorten the machining cycle times. This can increase the efficiency of manufacturing.


 Higher Cutting Speed

5 axis machining remove more material each time when the tool rotates, it lowers the machine cycling time.


 Shorten Lead Time

Due to the reducing set-up time, 5 axis machining will end up decrease the production time, that means shorter lead time.


Accuracy Increased

Flipping parts in order to machine different side of the parts can reduce the accuracy of the design. One single set up of a five-axis machining can have up to five sides. This significantly increase the accuracy of machining.


More Satisfied Part Feature

Short tools of 5 axis are more rigid. This reduces chatter and improve the finish of the parts. Angles are also maximized.